Echo 7 Foxtrot, LLC (Alabama LLC, 2017) is a Marine Corps Veteran-owned and operated small business in Millbrook, Alabama.

We began operations in 2017, primarily focused on providing equipment and training to support law enforcement and military entities tasked with investigating and collecting evidence at clandestine laboratory sites and processing scenes involving Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, or Explosive (CBRNE) materials, as well as drug production operations.  A subset of our initial service offerings included search and rescue operations, particularly missing persons searches, remains recovery, and evidence collection.  The owner and lead investigator for Echo 7 Foxtrot, LLC is Marine Corps veteran Michael Fleming (AL Private Investigator License #761), who brings over 20 years of sensitive site investigation and evidence collection experience, as well as experience assisting with missing persons and cold cases.  Mr. Fleming’s military experience spans the globe, and his final active duty assignment was as the Chief of the reconnaissance element of the Chemical-Biological Incident Response Force

A Marine with CBIRF performs analysis of samples from a Clandestine Drug Lab on a portable FTIR instrument

After leaving active duty, Mr. Fleming spent 11 years providing related services to private and contract clients in the Washington DC metropolitan area.  During that time, Mr. Fleming was part of a special Search & Recovery task force called on to assist and ultimately find the remains of missing UVA student Hannah Graham.

This undated photo provided by the Charlottesville, Va. police department shows missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham. Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr., 32, charged with abducting Graham, was captured in Texas on Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2014, and is awaiting extradition — but there is still no sign the 18-year-old student, authorities said. (AP Photo/Charlottesville, Va., Police Department)

In 2019 we focused our efforts on providing legal support services and investigations for civil cases throughout the State of Alabama.  These cases included domestic & family court cases, insurance fraud, premise liability, and personal injury cases to name a few broad categories.  We also added paralegal and notary public services, as well as private service of process to our offerings portfolio.  This was also the year we partnered up with Secrets True Crime Podcast, performing investigative services on the Susan Osborne and Evan Chartrand missing persons case in Elmore County, then moving to the Murder of Eric Cates and Gypsy case in Walker County.  

Michael and Amber searching an undisclosed former coal mine in Walker County, Alabama

When the SARS-CoV-19 pandemic hit and Alabama’s courts shutdown in 2020, we continued to support work on the Eric & Gypsy case while performing advisement work to government entities struggling with pandemic response.  When courts re-opened, we returned to performing private investigation work in support of civil cases throughout the State.

In 2022 we closed our public office and stopped performing most private/paid investigation work to turn our full attention to cold case missing persons and homicide cases in support of Secrets True Crime Podcast.  That remains our focus today.  We may accept private/paid case work occasionally on a case-by-case basis, but only on referral from an attorney and if our schedule allows.  This move allows us to devote our full attention and resources to the families of these victims that need and deserve justice.

Echo 7 Foxtrot, LLC
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