• Workers Compensation
  • Fraudulent Claims
  • Premise Liability

According to the Insurance Information Institute, fraud accounts for roughly 10% of losses to the insurance industry every year.  That amounts to about $30 billion every year.  The US Department of Health and Human Services indicates that Medicare and Medicaid fraud costs the government as much as $259 billion.  Of all the various types of insurance, the most susceptible to fraud are healthcare, workers compensation, and auto insurance.

Most insurance carriers are using automated software algorithms and predictive modeling to catch fraud, but each suspected case requires investigation and evidence to recover losses.  Echo 7 Foxtrot, LLC’s Licensed Private Investigators have a network of experienced and trusted healthcare professionals at their disposal, and can understand the diagnosis, treatment, and jargon that permeates complicated case files.  With that understanding, our investigators know what they are looking for when they get in the field to conduct surveillance and interview witnesses.

Contact us today and let our specialized team help your company build your case against fraudulent claims.  We also investigate premise liability cases and can gather the evidence you need to pursue a claim or defend against one.