• Skip tracing
  • Missing Persons
  • Runaways & Teen Tracking
  • Adoptions & Paternity
  • Inheritance & Estate Probate

Finding someone isn’t as easy as it seems.  It’s not as simple as looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.  It often amounts to finding several pieces of the needle, hidden in multiple haystacks.  If that person is actively avoiding being found, you might as well be looking for specific pieces of hay, perfectly blended in a hundred haystacks.  Where do you look?  Internet search engine results and public pay-for-access databases are notoriously inaccurate and outdated.  So how do you verify that what you found is, in fact, what you were looking for?  Even if you find great sources of information, assembling that information to lead you to your goal can be like putting a jigsaw puzzle together upside down.  How do you put all the pieces together to get the answer?

There are numerous reasons you might need to find someone.  You need to serve legal papers on someone and they are actively hiding because they know what is coming.  You need to get a waiver or other document signed so you can proceed with probating a last will and testament.  A loved one may have vanished, or you have decided you would like to find a birth parent and see if they will talk to you about family or medical history, or if they’d be willing to reconnect.  Or maybe your teenager is giving you reasons to worry about where they are going and who they are spending their time with.

The Licensed Private Investigators at Echo 7 Foxtrot, LLC can help.  We have the knowledge and credentials needed to access the right information sources to find who you are looking for, and the skill to put all of the pieces together to lead us to the right person.  We don’t confine our searches to computer databases either; we verify our information thoroughly, with phone calls, personal interviews, and surveillance so you can be certain of the results.

Call or email us today and let us search those haystacks for you and put the entire puzzle together.